Débardeur affinant
  • Débardeur affinant
  • Débardeur affinant
  • Débardeur affinant
  • Débardeur affinant
  • Débardeur affinant
  • Débardeur affinant
  • Débardeur affinant
  • Débardeur affinant

Strong points

  • Triple Performance Slimming: sheathing + slimming + firming
  • Slimming assets, sustainable results
  • Maintenance and comfort of the textile without being well worn
  • Thermoregulation
  • French innovation - dermatologically tested
  • Unlimited washing

Comfortable technical garment that combines the slimming and shaping efficiency of the high-tech textile.

Enriched with the new cosmeto-ceramic® technology, it provides a unique treatment combining the diffusion of cosmetic active ingredients with the technique of ceramic fiber to guarantee lasting and unequaled results.

Thermoregulating, it facilitates the venous return and maximizes the performances during the effort.

Seamless, it guarantees a slight correction of the silhouette while preserving comfort and freedom of movement for the practice of all sports (fitness, running...).

Its 3D construction allows the maintenance of the abdominal strap and the lumbar area for a flat stomach and a posture corrected smoothly.

Recommandations for use

How to wear my care textile?

A cosmetotextile acts thanks to the natural friction of the textile on the skin. If the area to be treated is covered with another textile, the epidermis will not be able to benefit from the cosmetic care. It is therefore advisable to wear a panty liner or string so that cosmetics can act on the largest body surface.

When to wear my care textile?

It is possible to wear cosmetotextiles day and night, these products are guaranteed for immediate comfort. However, the effectiveness of textiles is closely related to the friction of the textile on your skin, so we advise you to wear them during the day.

Skin'Up textiles can also be used in different sports activities. Some of our slimming textiles have been developed to provide maximum comfort and performance during and after exercise.

What is the duration of the treatment?

To make the most of the beneficial effects of your cosmetotextile, we recommend that you wear it for a consecutive period of 28 days at 8 hours / day.

How to maintain my care textile?

The cosmetic assets contained in your textile have a lifespan of 30 to 35 washes.

To ensure the durability of these assets it is recommended to wash by hand or machine (30 °), with or without softener. No tumble dryer.

  • Améliore la récupération et élimine les toxines

    Improves the recovery and eliminates toxins

    The cosmeto-ceramic® technology (ceramic fibers) enables toxins elimination and improves recovery

  • Raffermit et embellit la peau

    Strengthens and embellishes the skin

    This textile contains microencapsulated active ingredients (Fucus vesiculosus and safflower seed oil) which offers skin strengthening powers

  • Effet raffermissant immédiat

    Immediate strengthening effect

    Your skin is quickly and sustainably strengthened thanks to the cold action

  • Effet hydratant

    Moisturizing effect

    Your skin is constantly moisturized

  • Tricotage 3D

    3D knitting

    3D knitting exert a mehanic action on the skin, a true palpate-rolling massaging that allows to efficiently fight against cellulite

  • Effet gainant et sculptant

    Sheathing and sculpting effect

    Your silhouette is redrawn and your shape is outlined.

  • Favorise la sudation

    French innovation

    French patented textile innovation. Tested under dermatological control

  • Thermorégulant


    This textile enables daily comfort by regulating the sweating

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